Rule of nature

There is an end to

everything —

End to life or a marriage ring.

You come to the end of

a relationship

Perhaps you’ve had your last sip.

There’s an end to your


And your ill luck brings


Do stay calm, and gear

To fight the fear.

The end of your life

Is like a blunt knife

Which is hardly used

And is soon removed.

Remember one thing my friend,

There is always an end,

The rule of the nature

Is fixed for our future.

— Alisha Tuladhar, Class VIII, Malpi International School, Panauti


Long nights and short days,

Winter leaves me amazed.

Mountains get cold

Survival becomes difficult

For the old.

Remembering the warm days of May

Winter leaves me amazed. — Ashmita Bhattarai, Class X, VS GEMS, Thapathali, Kathmandu

The search

I’m looking for something

That’s been for some

time missing

Somewhere in the world

May be in the earth’s core!

I found it hidden in family squabbles

And in society’s quarrels

And of course in the

country’s disturbance

Due to absence

of tolerance.

I think about its presence

When all understood

its essence

A sense of brotherhood

Makes the world bloom.

Let’s clamour for peace

And forget wrath and war. — Bishal Thapa, Class IX, Rosebud School, Kathmandu

Writing tool

I am a little pencil

Harmful I am not

But of great use am I

To students and all men alike.

Road to success

You can write with me

But the one who is a fool

Is always out to break me.

Without me you

cannot write

Or draw or sketch

I am the way

To a life educated.

Without education

Man is blind

If you’re smart

You know education is light. — Khil Gurung, Class IX, KAHS, Jorpati, Kathmandu

Birds of love

I had two love birds

They loved each other

And I loved them as well

Because they were


They had two kids,

Who did good deeds.

One was Rolly, the other

was Polly

I wanted to kiss them

And see them fly across

the sky.

Now, they have gone

to heaven

And I really miss them so.

— Aaditya Rauniyar, Class IV, Spangle Boarding School