Picasso dreams

Everybody has an aim

But they are not the same

My aim is to be a painter

And work hard in summer and winter.

My aim is to be an artist

But I hate to go to parties

I like to paint a lot

I want to draw a lot.

Whenever I feel bored

I draw and draw

I hate showing off

But I am good at it.

— Dewashree Bista, Class VI, Emerald Academy

Power of learning

Education is a light

That makes our future bright

To go high up

And with lots to share

Education is a lesson

Not just a fashion

Education gives us knowledge

So we attend school and college

— Annie Shrestha, Class VII, Emerald Academy

Saying our thanks

Thank you God for everything

And the love from everyone.

Make me helpful, kind and full of joy

Keep me from being lazy.

Give me the power

To touch top of the tower

To make life bright

Show me ways that are right

— Sanskrit Thapa, Class IV, Emerald Academy

Seeds and plants

It makes you healthy

It gives you energy

An apple or guava

An orange or a papaya

Eat a fruit a day

But don’t throw the seeds away.

Here’s a simple thing you can do

Plant the seed in the soil

It doesn’t take much time or toil

Pour a little water

A young shoot will appear soon

In time it’ll become a big tree

Which gives so much to you and me.

— Akash Shah, Class IX, Emerald Academy

Pretty birds

If ever I see

On bush or tree

Young birds in their pretty nests

I must not steal the birds away

Cause it grieves their mother’s breast.

My mother, I know

Would be saddened so,

Should I be stolen away

So I’ll speak to the birds

In my softest voice

I wouldn’t hurt the birds.

And when they can fly

In the bright blue sky

They’ll warble a song to me

And then if I’m sad,

It will make me glad.

— Rajat Lal Das, Class IX, Emerald Academy

The old porter

That old man at the bus stop

Standing in the sun

Waiting for his costomers

Who’ll let him carry

their luggage.

It’s not his interest

But his compulsion

No other alternatives he finds

To earn his livelihood.

Nothing equals his hard work

Though we pay him but a rupees few

I feel pity for him

But can’t do anything for his welfare.

— Rijana Shrestha, Class IX, GEMS School

One more try

When the sun seems too far

And when troubles seem near

When you need to heave a sigh

And when success seems too high

When you need to cry but there’s no shoulder

And when time comes for you to be bolder

When all men think you are wrong

When you have no one to rely on

And when everything goes wrong

Just close your eyes and listen

To the voice that says

“Give it a try, my child.”

— Aayusha Gupta, Class IX, Triyog High School


If I had a car

I would drive it.


If I had a computer

I would use it.


If I had an aeroplane

I would fly it.


But if the car had an accident

The computer got an electric shock

And the aeroplane crashed

What a big trouble it would cause.

— Sabin Sapkota, Class IV, Budhanilkantha School

Sailor’s life

Searching for treasures in the water

They work hard but not a complaint mutter

Water is their mother and their god

They are happy like a flower bud

They work hard and little they gain

They enjoy their life and bear all pain

Oh! fellowmen, let’s learn from them

To be satisfied is better than fame

They love the water and respect nature

They spend their life in adventure.

— Rabin Banjade, Valley View School