My dad

My handsome dad

Is not at all bad

He doesn’t like to be sad

He likes to eat bun

He tells me not to run

He comes at night

He doesn’t like to fight

He loves to cook food

He doesn’t like to be rude

My dad is always kind.

— Sija Tripathee, Class III, Triyog High School

My life

Life to me is not a bed

of roses

Nor is it a thorny way

It’s neither a barren desert

Nor is it a sunny day.

Life to me is not so sweet

Nor is it too bitter

It’s not a piece of bread

Which is too hard to bake.

Life to me is not only spring season

Nor it is a hard mission

It’s neither a beautiful dream

Nor sweet as strawberry cream.

So, what is life?

I haven’t thought about it

Maybe it’s like a coconut

Hard from outside and soft inside.

— Jeff Adhikari, Class IX, VS Niketan School

Stay calm

The moment you are

in tension

You will lose your


Then you get into total confusion

And you will feel


You will spoil your personal relation

Ultimately you won’t get cooperation

Also expect


Your blood pressure may rise, take caution.

You have to practice meditation

Instead understand the situation

And try to think of

a solution

Many problems will be solved by discussion.

— Yourina Tuladhar, Class VI, Triyog High School

My kind of world

I wish to find a world

Where I can cry and laugh

I wish to find a world

Where I can find all the things I need.

I stare at the sun and

the moon

Wishing to see the world their way

I hope to see such a

world soon

Where I can find all the things I dream.

The meadows and glades

The valleys and plains

The straw in the field

The fruits in an orchard.

These are the things

I need to see

I wish to find a world

Where I can find all the things I dream.

— Divya Shah, Class VIII, DAVSKV Bharati

My beautiful home

Welcome to my home

I am from the city of Rome

Welcoming you

To my little home.

Through the large gate

Into the house you can get

Spend some good

times here

And your thoughts you

can share.

In the middle of the

green garden

Lies the pond of which swans are fond

You will be welcomed by a couple of swans

I’m sure you won’t be satisfied coming once.

In the garden tall grow

the trees

Dipping into its beauty, you will freeze

White and red flowers increase its beauty

To make you happy, the garden performs its duty.

Sunlight enters through the trees for your sake

It reflects my house on

the lake

Beauty of that very

reflection is large

You will be addicted to

that very mirage.

Come to this fair place

Nothing is rough

Come time and again

Once is not enough.

— Nisheem Pokharel, Class IX, St Xavier’s School