Brother’s fan

My brother

Is more fascinating

Than Salman Khan

I will always be his fan

He is innocent like a baby

And generous like Gandhi.

Singing is his hobby

He has never been naughty

Prince of our family

Hero of all time

Oh! My brother

I am your fan.

— Mamata Yadav, Class X, Nava Jeewan School

Just another game

Politics is a game

Played for name and fame

In which corrupt misters

Fight for the chair of minister

People with evil intentions

Take the life of brothers and sisters

As they don’t bother

About their mother country Nepal.

— Sharad Acharya, Class VIII, GEMS


I love everyone

See, I am so loving

But there is none to console me

When I am sobbing.

I care for everyone

See, I am so caring

But there is none to care for me

Nobody dares to.

I help everyone

See, I am so helpful

But there is none to help me

When I am chased by a bull.

I share with everybody

See, I am so generous

But my friend shouts at me

When she loses her earring.

— Viveckh Pandey, Class IX, Wilson Academy


In this age of ours

With the help of powers

The rich are suppressing the poor

Who always lie down on the floor.

Poor people beg for mercy

Help and food

But rich care only for

Their own good.

Most in many places

Tend to survive on other’s flesh

Though aware of such dreadful facts

The rich continue to perform such greedy acts.

In the mad rat-race of today

The value of men is lost

In the process of cheating and selfishness

Busy are the people of much richer classes.

— Annie Shrestha, Class VIII, Emerald Academy

Face-to-face with fear

September 17

The day of horror

Thaat day I stood in terror

Reciting some prayer

For my turn to come never

The clouds gathered

Making me happy

But there was no rain

Which made me sad

My turn came closer

And I stood in fear

People staring at me

I could not bear

With tears in my eyes

I ran down the stairs

And that was it

The day of my embarrassment

Which I could never forget.

— Akriti Maharjan, Class IX, Lalitpur Madhyamik Bidhyalaya