Books for you and me

Books are for us to read

They are our basic need

Books give us knowledge

We carry them to school and college.

Books teach us to respect elders

It makes us great persons

We should not take books as a burden

As it is like a flower in the garden.

— Prasamsha Bhattarai, Class VII, Gems School,


Sun, moon and the stars

Nothing shines like them

To give us light is their aim

Looking at them is nicer

Than listening to a strumming guitar.

They are the sun, moon and stars

They make the earth bright

By giving us their bright light

Who has made them nobody can find

They are so nice and fine.

Forever they are next to God

Though are far from the earth

From us nothing do they receive

But they give us joy and peace.

— Pariksha Dhakal, Class V, Nepal Don Bosco School, Kathmandu

Diamonds and toad

One night on the road

I found a diamond ring

Near it was a big green toad

Staring at me with its huge eyes.

It looked at me in such a way

That I was scared half to death

Then it opened its mouth and

started to say

Please give me a kiss.

I got more scared to see a talking toad

And was still for quite sometime

Then I started to run

Thinking that it was a witch.

I saw the toad hopping after me

So I increased my pace

But the toad came closer

and closer still...

I was so scared

That I screamed out loud

And found out

That it was only a dream.

— Binaya Vaidya, Class VIII, Adarsha Vidya Mandir,


Making friends

Friendship is not a ship

Which can sail

Friendship is not a thief

Which stays in jail

Friendship is not a candy

Which is very cheap

Then what is friendship?

Lets us keep in mind

It is a range of mountain

Which has no end

It is God’s gift to us.

So don’t lose a friend

But try to make a best friend.

— Manisha Shrestha, Class VIII, Nature Boarding School, Kathmandu

Pretty flower

Oh! Flower

Beautiful flower

You can grow

In an hour.

Your stem

With a green leaf

Give me this

Leaf to sleep.

You flower

With divine fragrance

Give me this scent

To make a Gem.

All see you new

Because your are blue

Red, yellow, blue in colour

Visitors see you

with dollars.

— Bhawana Maharjan, Class VII, Mount Valley School, Lalitpur