I have one pen

That is blue

I have one sister

To play with, she is you

I have one pen

That is yellow

I have one friend

He is a dirty fellow

Rupan Giri

Lets Bring The Day:

It was the dawn of brand

new day

The doors of my eyes opened to birds singing and

the suns ray

Given a sight towards the exterior world

The blazing hot fire was turning cold

Wonderful change was there in Nature

Enthusiasm was growing in every creature

The dense cloud was lost and the

surroundings were clear

Joy and emancipation were on and far

removed was fear

New charming greenery and just

sprouting plants

Calm sparkling streams and mountains

of elegance

Scenery adorned with pretty blooming flowers

The atmosphere was redolent with its flavours

Mood was jubilant as this was a

most glorious event

With obvious relish I had savoured the moment

A kind of triumphant glitter was in people’s eyes

Thus light of hope was blown about

the cool blue sky

About the situation as much as it were

described it would be less

Full gratification was on me due to happy hunting places

But after the dream ended and on

regaining consciousness

Watching the same situation made me furious

The same desolate place and still moving on

towards worse directions

The foolish game of the leaders and its big

impact on the nation

In the name of the peace nothing remained

Only movement, battle and flood of

blood and tears

But its time to lift this place from the

quicksand of violence

And its time to satisfy our thirst for freedom

and peace

So lets walk hand in hand to bring that dawn

And give support to regaining

peace and joy again

Bikash Rawal, IE, Acme

Engineering College


Oh nature what a wonderful

Beauty you are.

Restless clouds are always seen

Circling around you

Cheering of birds and sounds of rain

Amuse me when I feel my life is in vain.

Greenery around the state

Makes me alive when I feel I am dead.

Wonderful blue sea and the sky

Provides me joy and colourful light.

Mountain, lakes, ocean and seas

Compose the most marvellous of songs

Creating their own music

Teaches me lessons.

Those beautiful animals and colourful flowers

Provides me with positive attitudes

Towards my own outrage and hate

About the creation of own soul

Finally I come to know that this is none other

Than Nature who creates me as a whole.

Benit Pokharel, Class IX, INDEBS School


Once I sowed a little seed,

Down the earth so deep,

There was a plant sleeping in it,

‘Cause it was for me, waiting.

Drops of rain, lots of sunshine,

Calling the wind to be a friend of mine,

Made my little seed grow,

Wanted the sun to shine more,

Then the power came in,

Made my plant very green,

At last my seed was a tree,

Everybody near came to see.

Little buds bloomed as flowers,

Fruits were spread in showers.

Oh God! My wish, let me pray,

To spread happiness day by day.

0One day we should bloom like this,

Never to cry but, smile like this.

Shagorika De, Class IV, Modern Indian School, Chobar, Kathmandu