Pokhara’s gems

Kathmandu :

They’re from Pokhara and are as beautiful as the place they come from. We get to meet them up close and personal as they get ready for the Lux Supermodel Hunt finals to be held on September 22.

She’s petite (5’2”), a student of General Medicine who was “curious” to know more about the glamourous world of modelling. So when she saw the Lux Supermodel Hunt ads Bidhya Thapa took her chance and landed on the top 20 list.

She expects to know more about herself from the contest and this says will be helpful later in life. Bidhya aims to be a qualified and successful person in the field of medicine.

Green is her favourite colour because it is “refreshing” and so is red as it stands for “bravery”. Pokh-ara is her favourite place and she picks her favourite food according to the dictates of her appetite. She chills out listening to music and exploring new places and her family members are her favourite persons.

Bidhya rates all Indian models as the best models around and her supermodel formula goes like this — an attractive personality coupled with a good command over one’s body language topped off by a beautiful face. Should she win the hunt, she’ll do “lots of shopping” and if anything is left over, she’ll give it to her mum, dad and dada.

“My interest pushed me into modelling,” says this 19-year-old. And Sunita Gurung hopes to gain knowledge from the hunt.

Her choice of colours run to red, blue and black; she digs Indian food and confesses a wicked delight for sweet stuff especially Black Forest pastry. She loves dancing, travelling and getting to know new people.

One can be a supermodel if one is motivated enough, and has the interest and the intelligence to pursue it, says Sunita. “I will donate half the amount to SOS village, and give the rest to my parents,” she says when asked what she’d do with the cash prize if she wins the hunt.

Modelling is a hobby for 18-year-old Bijita Bijukchhya. “Beauty, confidence and talent are the three qualities a supermodel should have,” says Bijita who is 5’4” and hopes to continue modelling even after the contest and become a successful model. She love all colours and all types of food and says Kathmandu is her favourite place. Her favourite way to pass time is listening to music and she hates cheats of any hue. Should she win the contest, she will go shopping, says Bijita.

She admires Cameroon Diaz and was inspired by her sister (a former Lux Beauty Star) to enter the hunt. For Manita Pun, 18, 5’5” modelling is a hobby and she hopes to be a successful businesswoman in the future. From the hunt, she hopes to build her personality and develop confidence.

She loves red as it is the colour of success and green because it is “forever”. Pokhara would be her choice of favourite place any day and she just loves eating pizza (any topping). She chills out either listening to music or reading books and says her mum is her favourite person because “she has inspired me in every step of my life”.

Height, confidence and beauty are the must haves for a supermodel, says Manita, and if she wins the hunt, she will go “shopping, shopping and shopping” with the cash prize.