Politics not a dirty word

Politics not a dirty word:

Many of us desire to be a wealthy doctor, engineer or a pilot in the future. But how many of us want to be politicians? If asked, people say, “Politics is a dirty game and so are politicians.” If it is true, have we ever questioned ourselves ‘why’?

This negative sense about politics needs a revolution. Politics is the strong base of a nation. A nation develops if her politics develop. In the context of Nepal, parents try their best to maintain a bridge between politics and their children. They want security for their children but what about the need of the nation?

Today doctors and engineers are mushrooming at the pace of lighting but students taking political science as their major subject are declining. Rather than craving for the same thing, it’s better to want a difference.

It is said politics is not for good people. Then who is it for? ‘Bad’ people obviously. If we, the ones who consider ourselves good, turn our backs then Nepal will be in the hands of bad people. It’s never too late to start anything new. Unless and until people with wise thoughts unite and take up this field, no one will have any idea what good politics can be. Nepal needs us. We can manipulate others to the highest extent and make a difference.

Palista Kharel, Class IX B, St Mary’s School

The magic of a smile:

You smile and the world smiles back at you. A smile is like a charm in the dark night and brings hope to a depressed heart. We smile to show our amusement or pleasure. A smile is a gift that God has given us.

Most of the experiments that have been connected with facial expressions have been based on a smile. The world is empty and solemn without a smile. A smile makes a cloudy day bright. So, flash that smile, today.

Alisha Manandhar, Class VIII-A,

Shuvatara School:

Children of today No matter what children may want, — many a times — they have to sacrifice their ambitions to give shape to the dreams and expectations of their ambitious parents. Today’s children are compelled to change for the better in the name of efficiency and standard. This pressure might get them to develop habits like stealing, neglecting their studies, bunking classes, drug abuse, social evils, etc.

Corporal punishment only makes things worse. Of this, history is proof. So parents should check themselves, and should see whether they are providing enough care or not. Daily bickering, misunderstandings and an unfavourable environment can lead to children getting thrown out of track. On the other hand, teachers should also treat students as per their nature. For instance, some children and their habits can be checked through physical punishment others have to be dealt with more carefully. Motivation is another aspect that parents can work on.

Basically, learning can happen only in an environment that permits growth.

Ram Kumar Thapa Chhetri, Kathmandu Higher Secondary School