Pollution control — a mighty task

The biggest problem which life on earth is facing is environmental pollution. Our environment consists of air, water, soil and light from the sun. Human beings, as the most intelligent creature, use the resources found on the earth and benefits from it. If we save useful things for the future then the environment will be balanced.

We all say that the environment should be good but for this to happen our thoughts must be clean. The world polluted not only by factories and industries but by our mistake of blaming each other. Our dominance over nature has increased substantially in the last few years. We want to take control over water, land, and anything else that is useful. People are fighiting all over the world – Kashmir for example. Innocent people are being killed every day. In many countries, people are starving or dying because of civil wars.

These wars are caused by our polluted mentality. War is waste of time and energy. We take resources that are useful for life and cause death indiscriminately. Why can’t we live peacefully? We cut trees, and pollute the air with factories. We use our intelligence to make vehicles and weapons of destruction. Why do we do this to our world?

All these things harm the environment. If we continue like this it will be very difficult for creatures, especially people, to survive.

The excessive use of resources is caused by our polluted thoughts. To make the world free from pollution, we must free our minds first.

—Momin Shabir Shah Class IX, Rai School