Porters’ plight


Food, tourist luggage and even building materials for roads and bridges, the porters of the Himalayan regions of Nepal carry almost all the necessity items of the area. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that their backs are to some extent the backbone of the people living in such areas where remoteness and difficult topography has brought a lot of challenges.

The hard work and constant travel in difficult terrains often lead to high altitude and other illness among the porters. It is the plight and situation of these porters that Nick Mason has brought forward with his photographs. His exhibition titled ‘Himalayan Porters’ is being exhibited at the City hall on the sideline of the Kathmandu International Film Festival (kimff) 2008.

A doctor by profession, Mason has been very closely associated with the International Porter Protection Group that is dedicated to bettering the life of porters throughout the world including Nepal.

A porter being treated at a health post to another taking a break with luggage on his back to a simple shot of a porter with a happy expression, Mason has not only captured many porters but also the many faces of a porter’s life. This collection of photographs also shows the cold and challenging workplace of these porters.

The exhibition is on till December 15. — HNS