Power of five

KATHMANDU: Five artists from Kantipur, Bhaktapur and Kirtipur have come together to the rescue of Nandikeshwor Temple at Naxal, which is in a dilapidated state. A group exhibition of the five artists titled ‘Tripur Art Exhibition’ organised by Nepal Art Council at Babarmahal was inaugurated on December 25.

The exhibition includes sculptures by Ramkrishna Bhandari and Krishna Sundar Prajapati and paintings by Rima Shrestha, Junu Shrestha and Gajendra Man Shrestha.

Bhandari’s sculptures are more of abstract with different shaped figures where some look like figure of a woman while others look like branches. Meanwhile beautiful sculptures by Prajapati encompass a variety of symbols representing the country’s culture and natural beauty. From animals like elephant and deer to traditional panas he has created realistic sculptures of various sizes.

Bright colours in various shapes - mostly circles - and some paper addition to the canvas, this is how one can describe Gajendra Man Shrestha’s work. Concentric circles with few colourful bubble shaped structures scattered on the canvas give an impression of the solar system. Meanwhile Junu Shrestha has created colourful images of various deities. Another artist of the group Rima Shrestha has used petals of real flowers in her painting to bring out a different touch and texture to the whole painting.

The proceeds from the sale of this exhibition will be donated for the reconstruction work of Nandikeshwor Temple.

The exhibition in on at Nepal Art Council till January 1.