Precious gift from God

A brother is the one who always cares for his sister and loves her. He is the one who always wishes that his sister gets all the happiness in the world and be successful in her life. My elder brother is no different and is very caring and loving.

He always tries to lead me towards the right path. My brother always helps me in anyway he can. Whether it is some problem with my studies or anything else, he is always there for me, calm, steady, strong and wise.

Today, I thank god for giving me a brother like him. A brother who loves his sister more than anything else.

I too love my brother very much and I share everything with him. I believe that those arguments and fights we have make our relationship stronger and deeper. We can understand each other very well and thus, I can proudly say that my brother is the best brother in the whole world. My brother is the most precious gift God has given me and I am very thankful to him for this.

— Shristi Barahi, Class IX, St Mary’s High School