Price infatuated with Cowell

LOS ANGELES: Katie Price is infatuated with media mogul Simon Cowell, sources say.

The X-Factor creator is apparently helping the bombshell correct her image in media after her divorce with singer Peter Andre. He even invited her to his star-studded 50th birthday party.

And Katie is apparently so infatuated with him that it has even led to rows with her present boyfriend, Alex Reid. “Jordan sees Simon as her dream man. He is the most powerful man in the entertainment industry and his party was billed as the biggest showbiz event of the year,” the News of the World quoted a source as saying.

“Jordan sees him as the perfect catch - powerful and sexy, whom she can rely on and trust. She knows that Simon is so respected that he could never make a fool out of her. Both Peter Andre and Alex have done things which have caused her embarrassment and made her look a fool.” Meanwhile Simon recently said, “She’s fun. I like her. Give the girl a chance. We all make mistakes.”