Protecting our one-horned rhinos

The world is made up of different kinds of living and non-living organisms from micro- organisms to macro-organisms.

We know that ages ago dinosaurs roamed the earth, but no more. Their story can be learnt only from skeletons. A similar story is being repeated with the one-horned rhinoceros.

The one-horned rhinoceroses is listed as an endangered animal. Recently nine rhinos were killed within four months. With such a serious situation in the background, the Eco-Club of western Chitwan organised a signature campaign with aim of protecting the one-horned rhinos in Narayanghat in which students were involved.

Over one lakh signatures were collected in the week from November 17-24. The signatures were handed to Minister of Forests and Soil Conservation, Dilendra Badu on December 1.

What is the government’s next steps for the conservation of the one-horned rhinoceroses? We don’t know, but we are waiting for a positive one.