Punch in at right time

Sanjeev Satgainya


Get in time, finish your job, sign out and set off. This is the general rule of all the organisations. How often do you fail to appear in your office on time? How frequently you just sneak out before time? “Sometimes I do but it depends. There are number of times when after finishing my job, I have hardly stayed at office as there is no need,” shares Raman who works in an advertisement agency.

Time management is one of the important factors that shows efficiency. “Even if you are efficient enough to meet deadlines, leaving early and arriving late in office puts a check mark,” shares a manager.

Working less hours than designated does not pay well, working more hours than you are supposed to also do no good. Punctual people are regarded as well-disciplined employees and this punctuality proves to be a powerful asset in the long run.

“I don’t remember my boss asking me to come early to finish a job but even if I leave five or 10 minutes early, there is a comment next day. This really irritates me and it is demoralising as well,” says Harish. But, bosses never fall short of jobs to assign. You finish one and there is another one queuing up. So the jobs are endless but how you prioritise matters.

“I agree that some people are workaholics and expect employees to be the same but what I believe in is efficient, fast and perfect work within deadline. Meet the deadline and if you have another one already assigned, start on that or just leave the office, provided that also meets the deadline,” says B Rijal, manager, Agriculture Development Bank.

Time management is a skill and shows how organised you are. “There could be instances when you have to come early and stay late as well but it is advised that no one should make it a routine,” shares Raman. “Stick to the office rules and work according to job demands. Discipline is very important and keeping track of your timings leaves a good impression.”