What is a quality education? Before we can answer that, we must ask, what is education? Education is the process of acquiring knowledge. Education has been accepted as a right in all civilized nations. Good jobs are hard to find without it. Life without education is full of miseries. An uneducated person doesn’t know what is right or wrong. Education is way to the success – our third eye. In Nepal many talk about education. Education is everywhere in our country but is not practical. Our country is lacking quality education. There are thousands of schools in the Kathmandu valley. They are like ants in that they can be found everywhere. Of all the schools in the valley may be only 5% are giving quality education. Quality education produces good students who become good people. It helps them to find success. Quality education does not only give a person knowledge, but can improve the person in every area. Of course, this education is also dependant upon the student. For example, Sameer Shrestha was board first of 61. If we looked at the conditions of his school we would wonder how he did it. It was quality education which lead him to success. I would say to all the readers, cultivate quality education not just the basics.