Quiet birthday for Priyanka

MUMBAI: She is one of Bollywood’s leading actresses and turns 27 on July 18. But Priyanka Chopra says she is not a party animal and would like to just have a quiet birthday with her near and dear ones.

“I’m not a big party person and I don’t like throwing parties at all. So this time a lot of my family members have decided to fly down to be with me,” said Priyanka. “It’s likely to be a day spent doing nothing in particular — just hanging out with the people who love me and want to be around me to make my day special. That’s all,” she added.

She is entering a new year in her life, but hasn’t set any goals for herself. “I’ve never set any goals for myself. I’ve always been destiny’s child and destiny has always looked after me. I think someone up there always manages my life and does what’s best for me. So I just leave it up to Him. I just work hard at what he sends my way,” she said.