Radha Gurung In the limelight

Himalayan News Service


She is a cusp of the zodiac signs Aries and Sagittarius and stands at 5’2”. Radha is diet conscious and avoids all fatty food. But that does not mean she does not love eating! “My favourite food is pizza,” she states. Radha completed her Higher Secondary Education from Bishwa Prakash Campus, Narayanghat and at present is taking a fashion designing course in India Education Centre, Pokhara. She says, “To be stylish is more important to me than being fashionable.” In fact it was her teacher at IEC who encouraged her to participate in Lux Beauty Stars selection. She shares, “It is every girl’s dream to be ‘Lux Beauty Star 2004’. This is a platform to be a famous star and gain stardom. Even the hype that is created now is giving us a platform to be a star in our ways.”

Radha aims to be “a career-oriented woman”. During her free time she likes playing computer games and surf the Net regarding fashion around the globe and sometimes watch movies. “My favourite actor is Matt Damon and actress is Julia Roberts,” she tells us. She does not like people who have a double status. Gossip is not for this girl!