Some of their works are as good as their counterparts in the UK,” opined Bali Rai, an acclaimed writer of teenage fiction from the UK on his impression of the young writers currently involved with him in a weeklong Creative Writing Workshop. Rai, who already has 16 books under his belt, is moderating a workshop to the winners and runners up of the annual short story writing competition for the young writers, which was jointly organised by The British Council and The Himalayan Times.

“But for them to be make a mark in the international arena, a lot depends on their

sustained dedication to both reading and writing,” he added.

After the press meet, which was organised at the British Council on February 19, Rai also discussed some of his books. He will be handing out the prizes to the winners on February 22 at the British Council. During the programme, short extracts from the stories of the prizewinners will also be read out.