Rainy day canvas


Look outside when the rain pours down your window — you see a hazy yet beautiful picture. The same has been reflected in the paintings of Suzan Maharjan. His exhibition titled Eternity which is being held at Kathmandu Gallery, Thamel Chowk consists of around 50 of his paintings.

“I have always been intrigued by the beauty of nature and especially the ambience that sets in after a rainy day,” says the self-taught Maharjan.

The paintings in his second solo exhibition mainly focus on subjects like daily lifestyle of people, landscapes, temples, chowks around town, animals. Some portraits that he has started making recently are also present.

“It is capturing the expressions in their eyes that fascinates me,” says Chitrakar.

Most of Maharjan’s paintings are done in light and mild hues. “I like to create realistic paintings,” he added.

Of the total sales, 30 per cent will be given to physically challenged children. “It is the smile I see in the faces of such children that gives me the positive energy to move on,” said Maharjan.

The exhibition is on till May 13.