Rakhi bowled by Elesh Parujanwala

MUMBAI: 'Swayamwar' means choosing one's own husband by organising a contest. The word 'Swayamwar' was first mentioned in Ramayan. In this great epic, queen Seeta dares to choose her husband on her own. She holds a contest called 'Swayamwar' to choose the best man. After this incident Nowhere, no lady has held any such contest in the history. Now Rakhi Sawant has done it! She has recreated history of Swayamwar by holding a contest in modern style.

For a month, Rakhi Sawant held the 'Rakhi Ka Swayamwar', which was aired on NDTV Imagine. A total of sixteen contestant participated in the contest to win the heart of Rakhi Sawant. After participating in various competition, three finalist were left for Rakhi's choice. She was all excited to choose her husband.

All the three contestants - Elesh Parujanwala dressed in white sherwani with silver linings and petha, Manas Katyal and Kshitija Jain dressed in golden coloured sherwani with lot of embroidery work on it and petha, arrived on the show with their family members. The contestants and their families looked very happy, excited and nervous.

The show host Ram Kapoor had organised a grand gala marriage ceremony for Rakhi. Even members of NDTV pariwar like Ravi Kishan, Swathi Chitnis, Sudha Shivpuri, and Smitha Mohla looked excited. Among the guests Saroja Khan and Anang desai were special.

Finally, Ram welcomed all the guests. He invited the three contestants, who looked like Kings, to the stage. Everyone was on their feet to see Rakhi in her bridal dress and to know her decision. Then came Rakhi, who looked like a queen in her bridal dress and jewelery.

Ram allowed the contestants to express their last words before she hang her 'Varamala' to one of them. Everyone promised that they would always be her side and keep her happy through out the life.

Before going to the reveal her would be husband's name, Rakhi thanked NDTV and its pariwar for provide her a platform to choose her husband. She said, "While taking all the decisions of my life, I have surrender myself to Lord Ishwar. He has helped me a lot. Now also, I want to pray lord Ishwar and Lord Jesus before taking the biggest decision of life. Along with her friends Anju, Priya and Hema, Rakhi prayed the god.

Holding her varamala, Rakhi went forward to the three contestants. In order to create more curiosity among the them as well as audiences, she made to and pro motions. Finally, Rakhi offered 'Varamala' to Elesh Parujanwala. She revealed the reason why she has chosen him. She said, "I've been watching and examining Elesh from the beginning. His concern for me has been same on onscreen as well as offscreen. I understand that he loves me a lot. I too love him a lot. And I promise that this is not a show and I will be with him once for all."