Rakhi won’t invite mum to wedding

MUMBAI: Sounding excited after her engagement to NRI businessman Elesh Parunjwala, item girl Rakhi Sawant says she wants all her friends, including ex-boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi, to

attend her wedding

but will not invite her mother.

“I completely forgive Abhishek Awasthi. I was very surprised to know that he showed up on Sunday for my scheduled wedding. Surprised and touched. If I knew, I’d have welcomed him. Yesterday, he was my boyfriend. Today, he’s my friend,” Rakhi said.

But she hasn’t forgiven her mother.

“Please, all that nautanki on television for five minutes can’t take away the pain I’ve

gone through. As far as I’m concerned that chapter of my life is closed,” she said.

“I was all set to marry Elesh, but it was Elesh who wanted more time to get to know me. I’m very confident of him. But if he needs more time to get to know me, how can I force myself on him?”