Ralph Fiennes to star in David Hare's new coronavirus play in London

KATHMANDU: English actor Ralph Fiennes is set to perform David Hare’s new monologue, Beat the Devil, which will be staged at London’s Bridge Theatre.

The play, staged by the theater’s co-founder Nicholas Hytner, deals with English playwright Hare’s experience of contracting coronavirus, and the politics of the pandemic.

“Suffering a pageant of apparently random symptoms, Hare recalls the delirium of his illness, which mix with fear, dream, honest medicine and dishonest politics to create a monologue of furious urgency and power,” AFP quoted the Bridge Theatre said of the play in a statement.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme in April, Hare recalled that the virus evolved rapidly and unpredictably, according to AFP

“One day it would be fever, next day it would be arctic cold, then it would be vomiting, then coughing, then conjunctivitis, then breathing problems,” he said, adding that “day 10 was five times worse than day five.”

Performances of Beat the Devil are listed on the theatre's website as starting in late August.