Rapper Cardi B joins OnlyFans to connect better with fans

KATHMANDU: American rapper Cardi B has created a new account OnlyFans on social media to interact with her fans in a better way.

It is a content subscription service and through the page she aims to share her opinion on various issues with her followers.

''I created an OnlyFans because people are stuck at home more, but also just because I wanted to be on an app where I can talk only and specifically to my fans. There are certain times — a lot of times, actually — when I just want to talk to my fans, you know, my people. I don't wanna go live on Instagram or say my opinions on social media because people twist it and spin it. There are certain things I want only my fans to see, you know?'' Britain's i-D magazine quoted her saying.

Cardi B, 27, added, "I want to be more open about my insecurities, what makes me happy and what makes me sad. I want to be extremely transparent. And I'm not even talking about my body, you know, just my life. I feel like not everybody deserves to see it."