Reading for pleasure

Reading gives us a great deal of pleasure. Not everyone can enjoy photography nor can everyone afford travelling. But reading offers pleasure to every section of the population, those having different tastes and belonging to different age groups.

Nothing is really as exciting and thrilling as reading. It does not cost us much money. Every country has great poets. Then there are great plays —comedies and tragedies. We enjoy the works of Shakespeare and other writers. We forget ourselves and get immersed in the characters of the works of literature.

Reading a novel brings us great joy. It makes us forget our own problems. It makes us live other people’s lives without actually suffering any loss. Through reading we enjoy this world and this life with millions of other minds. When we read a great book by a great writer, we are looking at life through his/her eyes.

Reading is the best recreation. The wisdom gathered from books gives us strength to face the troubles in life with confidence. So everyone should cultivate the habit of reading. It is really a good habit.