Reading the writing on the wall

KATHMANDU: ‘Realisation’ an exhibition of paintings by Mohammad Eunus that began on January 3 at the Nepal Art Council, Baber Mahal, introduces you to a single historical entity — wall. Wall is his inspiration as well as medium of expression.

All his 41 paintings are sketched on backdrop of wall as evocative of history. The wear and tear is inevitable with time. It flakes and parts crumble just to give a classic look. “Eunus has used a usual item to create an unusual image of it putting together,” says artist Shyam Bahadur Khadka.

The textures of the paintings are noteworthy. He has put together varieties of shapes painted with a dense spread of colours. The maturity of the colour play is evident in creating motif with minute shapes on a weathering door on flaking wall. He expresses through a single medium on varied themes.

Eunus is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Fine Arts in Bangladesh. But he is known as highly imaginative artist all over for his distinct way of expression like in these paintings. He has painted Mt Everest and Pashupatinath but he has never been there. Physical feature to him is not significant in paintings but they have to speak of truth, often a belief one holds about physical things.

Art aficionados can easily get attach each painting to a wall as it is so familiar to all. Even though one cannot find the link between the wall and the past, unique colour combination, mostly mixed media and few oil paintings are pleasant to look at. It is as simple as that.

(The exhibition is on till January 9)