Reading your sitting style

It is said that a woman’s sitting posture reveals a great deal about the kind of person she is. Here are some of the sitting positions —

— Legs tightly closed together, vertical to the ground.

— Legs crossed.

— Feet open, with toes pointing to the sides.

— Legs closed together, slightly tilted to one side.

What is your sitting style? What does it say about you?

Legs tightly closed...

She is tense, tends to be quiet, and does not easily open up to others, particularly strangers or people of authority. To communicate well with such a person, one needs, most above all, patience and understanding.

Legs crossed

She is an outgoing and self-confident woman, usually talkative and at ease in others’ company. Her merits tend to be honesty, directness and loyalty, and her weakness probably explosiveness and lack of tact. She likes what she likes, and will stand little of what disgusts her.

Feet open...

This is a tough woman, quite strong-headed. She observes others, decides what to do, and does it. Pleasing others and having a good time is not her goal; she wants things be done. Depending on circumstances, she could be very talkative, but could fall silent if she chooses to do so. It’s not going to be very productive to be fanciful so as to trick her; better be logical and reason with her.

Legs closed...

The woman has a strong sense of grace and style. She’s gentle and ladylike, and make friends — sometimes conquer her enemies — with her charm. It’s not that she’s insincere; she just feels that matters should be handled in civilised manners. She’s very pleasant with favo-ured companions and keeps her poise even when her sensibility is offended. She is, somewhat vulnerable to flattery, which may cause her to misjudge and make bad decisions. — Agencies