Recreation room at Maiti Nepal

Himalayan News Service


Standard Chartered Bank, Nepal and British Gurkha jointly handed over equipments for a newly-built recreation room at Maiti Nepal at a brief ceremony organised at Maiti Nepal premises on May 26. Standard Chartered’s initiative to serve social causes began five years ago and for the last two years, Standard Chartered Bank, Nepal has been actively participating in different social services. Sujit Mundul, chief executive, Standard Chartered Bank, Nepal shared, “It gives us immense pleasure that our endeavour is going for an excellent cause which goes beyond boundaries.” Standard Chartered Bank, Nepal for the last couple of years has been actively working for HIV/AIDS patients and others standing out as a socially responsible corporate house.

Speaking at the function, commander col Peter Sharland said, “The link between Maiti Nepal, United Kingdom and British Gurkha began with the visit of Prince Charles and we are proud and privileged to have this opportunity today to lend our helping hand. The small effort made by us would be a reminder for us for the continuation of such programmes.” Maiti Nepal since its establishment in 1993 has been serving not only victims of HIV/ AIDS but has also been working for the education of the girl child, conflict-affected victims, women and children and against trafficking. Biswo Ram Khadka, director, Maiti Nepal shed light on the works of Maiti Nepal and about the project. Adding colour to the programme, girls of Children Protection Centre, Maiti Nepal performed a folk dance. Anuradha Koirala, chairperson, Maiti Nepal thanking for the assistance said, “This is the first time ever that private sector organisations have come forward to support Maiti Nepal and this is a wonderful gesture. We look forward to having such support time and again.”