RELATIONSHIP: A beautiful romance

It was a gloomy Saturday. As I returned home from my extra class which I had to attend on every weekend, my mom asked me to get ready. We were supposed to attend my cousin’s birthday party. I went along with my mom and brother. There I saw a guy who really had a very good sense of humour and I really admire those kinds of people. Slowly I got attracted towards him. I wanted to talk to him and, yes, I did just that. Finally, I got his mail address, too.

From the very next day, I started chatting with him. First we were friends. Gradually I started having much deeper feelings for him. But I was not sure whether I was in “love” or it was just an “infatuation”. I thought about my relationship with him. I realised I loved spending time with him, scoured my inbox for his e-mails and if I did not hear from him for a day, it seemed like something is missing. I used to even bunk my tuition classes just to check if he is online.

I was convinced I was in love. I gave him few hints about my intentions while chatting. His positive response made me feel like in heaven. Deep inside my heart I knew he also felt the same way about me. Now it has been more than a year we are together. Since then his presence in my life has enriched the happiness more. He is the reason I live and I love him more each day. I know he is Mr Right. But one thing we are sure about is that whatever happens we will always be friends because friends may not be lovers but lovers must be friends.