Relationship : My other half

Alankar Khanal

I have always loved being proposed to by ladies, but this time it was me doing it. And thankfully the answer was positive. Having lived with the reputation of a misunderstood swinger, I had never ever thought that I would be able to convince this lady that was her Mr Right. First we were friends. Gradually I started having much deeper feelings for her. But I was not sure whether it was ‘the thing’, whether I was in love with her, for I had had a load of crushes earlier. Friends had even renamed me ‘Babe-das’, not ‘Devdas’ I thought about my relationship with her. I realised I loved spending time with her, scoured my inbox for her e-mails and if I did not hear from her for a day, it seemed like something was amiss. I used to even miss my tuition classes just to chat with her on the phone.

I was convinced I was in love with this lady. I made up my mind to propose to her, and gave hints about my intentions in my mails. But her response tore me apart. Yet something deep inside me said she also felt the same way about me. Doggedly I kept asking her again and again the reason behind her refusal. Finally my stubbornness paid off. She told me she was afraid of the relationship itself as she had seen many people completely crushed after a relationship. I took it upon myself to rid her of his phobia. We set up a date to put her fears to rest. But one thing we were sure about was that whatever happened we would always be friends. After talking it over, her answer was ,”Yes.” Since then, her presence in my life has enriched it more. She is the reason I live as I love her more every day. She is the other half of the word together that I had been looking for all this while.