RELATIONSHIPS: An ugly duckling’s love story


He is my darling and my sweetheart and my favourite person. I always want to hug him and keep telling him how much I love him.

We met over the Internet and became friends. As expected, we started calling each other gradually.

He liked (and still does) my voice very much. This is the reason he proposed even without seeing me. However, I was afraid of meeting him or accepting his proposal because I am not beautiful. I thought that if I said yes, and then he got to see me after that, he would break our relation. But despite everything I went ahead and accepted his proposal.

Then we finally met. I was an awful wreck that day, blame in on nervousness and excitement. Whenever I am excited and nervous, I suffer from rapid palpitation. And I was as I said earlier a complete wreck.

We walked for a long distance, but we did not speak with each other. It was only when we reached a park that he looked into my eyes, took my hand in his and said the three magical words — “I love you” and gave me a sweet, sweet kiss.

I was shocked. My cheeks became red and my lips were sealed. I went home without speaking a single word to him. I couldn’t sleep that night. I kept remembering him, his kiss, his eyes and his hand... I realised that this was love.

I called him in the middle of the night and told him that I love him too.

This was the beginning of our love story. I am very happy with him and feel I am the luckiest person in the world. His kindness and innocence will always endear me to him. And I love him very much.