My happiness knows no bounds as I try to pen a few words for my father. This is to show the the infinite love and compassion that I have for you. You are so special to me daddy that I regard every day as Father’s Day.

I like to believe that God thought he could not be everywhere, so he whirled his magic wand and created this majestic character that he named Father.

Although God gave me legs, you Daddy were the one who taught me to walk, to climb the ladder of success. Though He bestowed me with eyes, but hadn’t it been for you, then I would never have learnt the potency of vision and correct perception. My mouth would be useless to me if you had not have taught me to speak and to talk good.

Whatever I am today is because of your teaching, love, care, duty and responsibility towards me.

Even if I earn millions and millions, I shall forever remain indebted to you. Your unconditional love for me is my invaluable pride and my everlasting treasure. You have always remained my sunlight — day or night.

I think all the children in this world feel the same for their father. Today I say this very candidly that I am most privileged and proud to have you as my father.

Daddy, I love you more than myself and anyone else in this world.