Relationships : loser



Love knows no path, it so is set that you do not know where it might lead you to.” The same thing happened to me which I would like to share with my readers. It was in the month of December (1998), when paradoxically I had to take the message of my friend to a girl I liked tremendously. She was my classmate and we shared a strong friendship, I enjoyed her company yet I had a fancy for her. The saying goes thus, “No road is long with a wonderful company,” and I enjoyed every moment being with her and we shared our joys and sorrows. It was in the last year of school that I tried proposing to her but I was afraid that she would turn me down as to her I was not more than a good friend. Yet I had already picturised her as my soulmate, she was everything I had wished for as a life partner, but taking the word of my friend to her only paved the way for them to tie the knot as they are happily married now.

Well, in my opinion, there are two ways to fall in love; first it is love at first sight, you propose

and the other party is yours and, secondly, you fall in love with the person once you know her and never can admit your feelings to him/her and discover they will or can belong to someone

else. Mine is the latter case, not being able to express those three words to her in three years and losing her and I have come to a conclusion now that I am happy to see the one I love being happy.

The story by Joseph Loren, “The fox and the grapes”, helped me recover, the fox in the story being unable to get the grapes after trying much compromises with the situation and hopes things will be better for him after all. I, too, have learnt that losing someone you love is learning more about love and losing her has made me even stronger to endure the odds of love, to be gratified even in an adverse situation as of seeing someone whom you have lost being happy and if not anything, then friends, yes I am her good friend now and can never nurse a grudge against her at all.