Relationships: My diary, my confidante


It’s been four whole years since I have been pouring my heart to you. I’ve always shared everything to you. Remember, the first time I had written to you? I had expressed my anger for not being able to score good marks in my exam. You have seen me grow up, seen my happiness, excitement, and frustration. I have shared all my dreams with you. I’ve told you those little things, which I didn’t feel necessary to tell anybody, not even my best friend and my sister. Those pretty little things that I have told you have made you my best friend ever. You know me like nobody else does. You know the tiniest secrets of my life. I feel incomplete if there’s even one thing that is left to share with you. You know my first crush and others that followed the first one. You’ve seen how stupid and silly I can get sometimes and how well behaved I am at other times. You’ve seen every aspect of my emotions. You know what I love to do and what I don’t. You even know the stories of every book that I have read and every movie that I have seen. There are times when I feel you must have been bored by my blabbering. But I know you love me as much as I love you. That’s why you are my confidante. You’ve been giving me courage in my miseries. I feel very relieved when I share my sorrows with you. I have always felt your support during my tough times. I laugh as well as cry with you. I can’t imagine a life without you. You remind me of the promises that I’ve made and of those that I’ve broken. You help me know about my own life and also learn from the past mistakes. You help to me become a better person. And after these four years of companionship, all I want to say to you is “Thank You! “Thank you very much for being my friend, my companion, and my teacher.