Relationships: Where did we go wrong?

Prabhat Mahato


I am a lonely guy. I have no dreams or enthusiasm for life. In fact, I am a guy with little hopes and aspirations, always been weighed down with pessimism.

Like every other guy, I had a few good friends who I considered really close. Very few remained good friends over the years but my friendship with Rapunzel seemed too good to be true. She was inspiring and friendly which brought us close to each other. We used to chat a lot and express our feelings. I was convinced that she was a genuine friend indeed.

When she felt sad, I felt low and when I found myself in trouble, she would unfailingly come to my rescue. Regardless of what people made of our friendship, we continued to be good friends.

I was convinced that I was the happiest and most fortunate guy to have a friend like her. Holding her hand and walking along with her were the most joyous moments in my life.

As they say, not everyone is fortunate enough to hold on to long-lasting happiness. Something unexpected and took away my prized possession - happiness. The relationship that once seemed to be sturdy and steady crumbled to pieces without warning.

I was once angry with her over something and did not talk to her. Then I wrote her that she was not taking our friendship seriously and making us appear ridiculous. I obviously hurt her so much that she cried. I felt so guilt-ridden that I started feeling restless and ashamed of my bluntness. Then the inevitable happened.

We started drifting apart; she found better friends and now always seemed busy with them. She started ignoring me and still continues to do the same. I did not understand why she was bent on hurting someone who had been through good and bad times with her. I am sorry for my reckless and inconsiderate actions and I think I have been duly punished for it. But the pain does not seem to cease.

To err is human and everyone deserves a second chance. But she probably does not share the same sentiments since she has abandoned me in an appalling world of darkness, pain and hatred. I think I have been pushed to the limits and I have had enough. Lastly, I want to ask my dear "Rapunzel" if our relationship was never genuine and sincere.

Was it so delicate and vulnerable that it could not withstand a small disagreement? Were our feelings so baseless that our friendship succumbed to a single blow? Do tell me.