Renewable beats

American musical band — Solar Punch showcased their amazing performance via their solar powered musical instruments in Nepal. Soni Rai talks to the band members about their successful ‘Eco-concert’ and more…

How did you come up with the name Solar Punch?

Back in 2007, our two member

band debuted with the band name ‘Sunny Boys’ but later in the news we were renamed as ‘Solar Punch’! We immediately realised that it’s the most suitable name for and we stuck to it.

What made you visit Nepal?

We always found a connection with Nepal and on this visit we want to do projects related to environmental issues with Vajra Academy.

What was the theme of the ‘Eco-concert’ in Nepal?

Influencing music with aspirations to protect environmental issues is what ‘Eco-concert’ was all about. The reason to support Vajra Academy is the amazing work by students in ‘Tie the Trash’. We think this simple idea is a way to reach out to people. This shows that young minds can do many things to make a difference.

How was your experience in Sindhupalchowk?

The experience of performing in Sindhupalchowk was joyful. We enjoyed interacting with young people. We were heartily welcomed everywhere we performed. It was a huge success. Our main goal is to transmit and receive information about environmental issues like using solar cooking.

How did the crowd respond?

They were listening and sharing ideas with us. We could connect with people and their thoughts.

As for the music, we played some enthusiastic Nepali folk songs. Once we got into the songs we became funny, silly and all we really wanted to do was entertain. Most importantly there was no distance between people and the band.

What kind of music do you usually play?

We started with rock and roll but now it’s lighter. We try to connect with culture. We are doing some spiritual mantras and fusion songs but whenever possible we try to sing local songs such as Nepali folk songs because music is universal.

What kind of Nepali songs do you like?

Nepali folk songs. The more we listen to Nepali music the more we are trying to learn. ‘Resham Firiri’ and ‘Simsime Panima’ are the songs we perform a lot. Our personal favourite song is ‘Wari Jamuna’ . It’s hilarious! We connect to Nepali folk songs.

What’s next?

We will be continuing our journey to promote alternative and renewable sources of energy. We will be heading to India for our next concert.

Photos by: Sailesh Maharjan

Location: Hotel Vajra Pvt. Ltd, Swayambhu

Contact: 01—4271545