Rhythm Nite in Itahari


The evening was chilly with the load shedding adding to the winter woes. But there was a place where the people were enjoying every moment, thanks to the varieties of wine they were being served.

Braving the winter chill, the youths grooved away to awesome music at the Surya Lights Rhythm Nites on December 19.

Teenager Rejina Limbu of Dharan enjoys such parties and she never misses such gatherings.

Famed singer Kranti Ale mesmerised all with his melodious singing, while DJ Sur made everyone dance to his tunes at the Nirvana County Club. The visitors danced to their content along to ingenious presentation of Nisha Adhikari and Ale’s melodious voice. The crowd of about 400 were thrilled no end.

Organised by PartyNepal and sponsored by Surya Nepal, the Rhythm Nites has already travelled to Pokhara, Butwal and Narayanghat. The next venue is Biratnagar on December 20. — Somnath Bastola