Rock on 2 Soulful musical journey

Rock On 2

Genre: Musical Drama

Director: Shujaat Saudagar

Cast: Shraddha Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli, Prachi Desai, Shashank Arora

Being screened at QFX Cinemas


The story of Rock On 2 unravels as drummer KD (Purab Kohli) narrates the story of his band Magik. Through his narration one gets to know about ups and downs in the lives of its band members — lead guitarist Joseph 'Joe' Mascarhenas (Arjun Rampal), lead singer Aditya Shroff (Farhan Akhtar) and KD himself — in the past eight years. The film uses flashback technique to unfold the story.

The band members are shown as close friends but are not producing any music. Aditya is busy managing a farm and school at a remote village in Meghalaya. KD is producing music for jingles but is not satisfied with his work. Joe is busy judging singing talents in television, owns a night club and manages Magik Recordings.

The film has some talented actors and Akhtar is one of them. Aditya feels guilty because of somebody’s death, and that guilt haunts him — Akhtar has executed this role in a commendable way.

Likewise Shraddha Kapoor in the role of Jiya is convincing. She has beautifully displayed the feeling of Jiya, a girl who loves music but hesitates to sing on stage due to the fear of her father, who does not like contemporary music. Kapoor is refreshing and her singing is soulful. She has sung Udja Re and Woh Jahaan in the film.

Rampal and Kohli have justified their respective roles.

The movie has eight songs in total, however they are not as powerful as compared to the music of Rock On.

Except for few glitches here and there, the film holds you till the end with its interesting plot and good acting. Beautiful hills, rivers and bridges of Meghalaya portrayed in Rock On 2 are soothing to your eyes.