Rock touched by juvie’s words


Action star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was touched when a criminal prayed for him after he fell ill during the shooting of his new movie The Gridiron Gang. According to, Johnson was trying to recover from food poisoning as he shot night sequences at a juvenile prison camp in California when he confronted a convict on his way to solitary confinement. Johnson had a brief conversation with the teen and was amazed by his kindness. He says, “A fight had broken out among the inmates and I saw a kid in cuffs on his way to solitary confinement. He looked up at me and said, ‘Hey Rock, I heard you were sick.’ Up until that point I had not been aware of how fast word spreads through the dorms. Then he said, ‘I’m gonna pray that you feel better,’ and just walked on. Here’s someone I didn’t know, who I’ll probably never see again, taking the time to express his concern for me. It was very moving and it showed that no matter what these kids have done, they are still just kids with feelings and emotions for others.”