Rocking evening with Garza


He is a world-renowned musician, he is the name that comes up every time we say rocking party music and aesthetic mixes and he also is the United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) ambassador. Rob Garza was in the town to support the UNFP and its projects and let the music lovers of the Valley enjoy what they have been waiting for.

Established in 1995, Thievery Corporation is a Washington DC-based band consisting recording artiste and DJ duo Rob Garza and Eric Hilton.

Taking his time off from the hectic schedule, Garza performed live at 1905 on February 23.

Just back from Australia after performing at the Good Vibration Festival sharing the stage with Kanye West and Cypress Hill, Garza is all set for his Asian tour of Thailand and Cambodia.

“I just called up and told the UNWFP office here that I will be in Asia and when they invited me to perform here for a cause I just jumped at it,” said Garza.

Though Thievery Corporation has their hard-core fan followings all over the world, very less Nepalis are aware of their music and style. “We actually play music from all over the world. You can find the influence of European 60’s music, Brazilian music, electronic and even Bollywood sound track in it,” he said — making it a perfect potpourri that anyone across the globe can enjoy.

“Anyone can enjoy it, our music is apt for all age groups. Fans even say that their babies go to sleep listening to our music,” he added.

Talking about his visit to Nepal and experience, Garza said, “It’s only been 24 hours since I landed, but I already can enjoy the place. I had heard and read about Nepal but that is totally different from actually experiencing it. I have been enjoying the sights and sounds. Soon we will be trekking to different parts of Nepal and maybe then I will be able to tell more about it.”

Despite being a world famous artiste his humility and air of easiness floors everyone. “Its an honour to be involved in such projects done for the world and its people,” said Garza on his take of being UNWFP ambassador. “Being part of something so important is the highlight of being a musician and working in this field. Music reaches so many different people

of different places, connecting all and helping to raise awareness in different topics has always been great,” he added.

The fund raising event at 1905 was sponsored by UNWFP with the slogan, ‘Fight hunger, stop global warming and climb to the top of the world,’ and to support Nepal’s first inclusive women’s Everest summit bid. The place was filled with music fans comprising both foreigners and locals.

The event started with local instrumental ensemble Kutumba performing some popular compositions. The audience could not stop themselves from dancing to the foot tapping music. After the typical Nepali music the stage was taken over by Japanese fusion band UZU, who not only made the crowd dance but also mesmerised all with their melodious tunes. Well-known sarangi player Shyam Nepali joined the band with Shanti Rayamajhi on maadal making it an absolute treat for all.

The audience then got a chance to jiggle to the Reggae music by Jerry Julian and the Power of Joy. Singing some of their own compositions and improvising songs according to the mood and the cause they were playing for, the band was successful in gathering huge crowd to dance in front of the stage.

Soon the wait was over and Garza infused the surroundings with his mixes. Working smoothly on the turntable, he was successful in playing all types of music catering the crowd with music that all could relate to.

From Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone to Dum maro dum, mixing classic western songs to infusing eastern classical, from the beats of Brazilian to the techno, he was successful in keeping the crowd on their toes.

The gig continued till the wee hours as DJ PJ and DJ Vibes kept the mood rocking for all to party all night long.