Roerich’s bright hues


On the occasion of Day of Russia, an exhibition titled ‘Life and Works of Nikolai Roerich’ started on June 10. Photographs of the artworks of the famous Russian artist Nikolai Roerich are displayed at Russian Centre of Science and Culture.

Unique and attractive artworks in bold and bright colours mainly of mountains, people and some depicting various cultures and religions are on display. Elaborating on the works of Roerich, Tatyana Alexandrova Novikova from the centre, said that during his life, the multi-talented personality created around 7,000 artworks. He had visited different countries and his paintings also showcase this.

The chief guest for the programme Jagat Bahadur Bogati, Minister for Land Reforms and Management, lit the lamp and inaugurated the show. Talking about the artworks, Minister Bogati emphasised on Roerich’s attachment with nature that is evident in the artworks. He also talked about how these artworks reflect the different stages of a person’s life.

The artworks will be displayed at the Centre for a week.