Rolling along with time and changes

Everything undergoes change along with time. To change is a universal fact. Every minute, every moment things are changing. Truly speaking, change is required for development. However, changes that do not hamper humanity should be the ones taking place. But changes that are happening are contrary to this. Some changes have adverse effects on environment and its constituents.

One of the prominent changes is change in human nature. The present generation is attracted towards material satisfaction. They have a misconception that only wealth can make them happy. Such a shift has led to increase in crime and immoral activities. Moreover, people in today’s society have become hectic and do not bother about others.

Changes have also been seen in the culture and traditions. People hesitate to follow their own culture and tradition.

People have also become careless about environment. Humans have unfairly manipulated the environment around them. No creature been spared by human activities. On the other hand positive chan-ges in the field of science have also taken place. The rapid advancement in science has enhanced our life.

Human beings have the power to rationalise and can use it to modify nature for their comfort. Amazing machines have made our life convenient. However, inventions like bombs and vehicles are degrading the environment. Changes wh-ich have positive outcomes should be encouraged.

We may say things were a lot better in the past. The environment was clean, green and healthy. People were not so materialistic. However, change is a natural phenomenon. We must accept it. We cannot put an end to it. But we should make an effort that the changes going on are headed towards the betterment of humankind.