Root of your stress

Take this quiz and discover what it is that is causing your stress.

Choose three scenarios out of these four:

• A group of people taking photographs

• A galloping horse

• A house with a garden

• A statue of the goddess of Venus

Decided which three?

This test is actually about the cause of our stress recently, and the vital one is the one you left out.

If you left out the one with:

Group of people taking pictures:

It means you’re very tired over human relationships around you right now.

Galloping horse:

It means you’re tired and stressed over work recently.

House with the garden:

It means you’re tired

with some matters

concerning your family

or household lately.

Statue of Venus:

It means you’re stressed over matters of the heart. Not exactly relationship problems, but more to do with being tired of trying to settling thing with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Now which one did you

leave out?