Rosa, Saif part ways


One of the Bollywood’s most romantic love stories has ended. Saif Ali Khan has split with his girlfriend Rosa. Saif, recuperating at home from a heart scare, now has a broken heart to deal with as well.

Sounding calm yet troubled he said, “Rosa and I have decided to part ways. Yes, she has gone back home. That’s about all I want to say at the moment.”

Rosa left for her home in Switzerland a few days ago. The course of her future is not clear. According to some of her friends, she’s expected back in Mumbai after some time to pursue a career independent of her association with Saif.

After Rosa’s departure Saif isn’t alone at home, though. He has son Ibrahim for company. “I’m holding up fine. I want to spend as much time as possible with my children while I’m on this enforced vacation. By doctor’s orders I’m off work for this month. I’ll start going to the gym early next month and resume work by the middle of April. I can’t pretend that Rosa’s going hasn’t added to recent setbacks. But, it’s for the best, I guess.”

According to close friends, Saif is far more hurt by the split than he’s willing to admit. “Things were getting sticky between them. And the split was for the best for both of them,” said a close friend.