Saif’s controversial joke

MUMBAI: Actor-turned-producer Saif Ali Khan knew that he was getting into troubled waters when he agreed to play a Sikh in his forthcoming film Love Aaj Kal and hence had carefully maintained a strict vigil over everything so that his movie doesn’t offend the Sikh community. But he might have run into major trouble had the censor board not stepped in.

While Saif had screened the movie to Sikh religious leaders and also invited them on the sets when he was filming in Punjab so that they could give their inputs, he overlooked a Sardar joke in the script. What’s more, Saif was mouthing the joke himself. The censor board has now asked him to chop it off to avoid the film from running into controversy with the religious sect.

Vinayak Azad, regional officer of the censor board in Mumbai, says, “There was a scene in

which Saif begins a joke saying ‘Ek Sardar tha...’ Vinayak adds, “We have told the filmmakers to chop the scene or change the word Sardar to Aadmi and they are doing it.”