Sallu in no mood to be friends with SRK


Actor Salman Khan has had it with his on-again, off-again friendship with Shah Rukh Khan. Talking, for the first time about their public spat a few weeks ago, Salman says he can never be friends with SRK again. “I cannot really tell you what happened at the party,” Khan said. “But I won’t deny that there is a problem between us. There has been this kind

of animosity between us for a long time. In fact, this is the third time we have fought. We have tried being friends, but it just doesn’t seem possible. We are different people.”

Asked if he would like to sort things out with Shah Rukh this time, Salman said, “No, why should I? Not interested. We are two different individuals. He may be a great person, but

his values and scruples are not the same as mine. I can’t continue being a buddy to someone I don’t get along with. I am not the kind who would pretend to be great friends with someone and then back-bite about the person.”

Asked further about his misunderstanding with SRK, Salman added, “It’s sad but that’s how life goes. His way of thinking is totally different from mine. Doesn’t look like we can be friends.”