Sallu’s blast from the past

MUMBAI: Salman Khan is very touchy when it comes to discussing his personal life, especially his broken relationships. Lucky for her, Shilpa Shetty walked the warpath without facing the ire of the macho actor when they recently shot for 10 Ka Dum.

It is learnt that Shilpa poked fun at Salman by taking his ex-flame Sangeeta Bijlani’s name on the show in retaliation to a comment made on her by Salman in which he took the name of his friend-turned-bitter foe Shah Rukh Khan.

A source on the sets said, “Shilpa and Salman share a warm rapport for years and that was very evident as Salman did not react at all when she took his ex-girlfriend Sangeeta Bijlani’s name and Salman never speaks about his ex-flames in public as they are all settled in life. He does not want to bring them into unnecessary debates, discussions and controversies.”

The insider adds, “Salman and Shilpa have known each other for 17 years now and he recalled saying that many years ago when she made her debut in Hindi films ‘Shah Rukh Khan had thrown her off a building and she had bounced back and is still here’. To this comment, Shilpa quickly revealed, ‘Salman was such a skinny guy those days. He was so embarrassed of his thin legs that he used to wear Sangeeta’s tights under his jeans to get a better fit’.”