Sandra Bullock's culture confusion

LONDON: Sandra Bullock says having parents from two different countries was sometimes confusing when she was growing up.

Sandra Bullock's upbringing made her feel "schizophrenic".

The 45-year-old actress - who was raised by her German mother Helga and American father John - says having parents from two different countries was sometimes confusing.

She said: "I felt irritated and sometimes a bit schizophrenic. But it also had its advantages to grow up in different cultures. I gained a more sophisticated view on politics, war or the importance of friendship. I've learned to deal with different opinions by rolling my eyes or taking it with humour!"

In an interview with German magazine Joy, Sandra added she never dreamed of becoming famous when she was younger.

She always wanted to be an actress and was encouraged to pursue her vocation by her parents, but didn't realise it would change her life completely.

Sandra explained: "As a child I didn't even know what a celebrity was. My mother was an opera singer and the rest of the family are artists as well. I played the piano and took ballet lessons. We never went to the cinema and didn't read celebrity magazines. I wanted to work as an actress - and making an audience laugh is hard!"