School briefs

Never too late

KATHMANDU: The Children’s Day was to be celebrated on September 15 but as the exams were going on, a special Children’s Day celebration was held on November 5, for the Class IX and X. The celebration started with the distribution of sweets followed by a musical programme by the teachers. The students got a chance to see the performers in their teachers. Then the captains participated in the musical chair which was won by Saima Subba and Ashish Baiju.

— Neha Jha, Class X, Galaxy Public School

Wall magazine

KATHMANDU: The Gurukul Public School has come out with a wall magazine named The Oasis. This fortnightly magazine is prepared and pasted on the wall. A 15-member committee is responsible for it, which has articles in Nepali and English. Poems, drawings, jokes, excerpts, quiz are included in it. A teacher’s interview is also published. The magazine committee collects money from teachers and students to raise funds for The Oasis.

— Dev Raj Adhikary, Class IX, Gurukul Public School, Nepaltar

Junior Sports Day held

KATHMANDU: The Sports Day for the junior students of Classes IV, V and VI of Future Stars’ High School was held at the Jawalakhel grounds on November 7. The event started at 11:00 am with a marchpast by the junior students, which was followed by a distribution of badges for the scouts. Then the students participated in various games like running, spoon race, fancy dress race, frog jump, relay, among others. The students of Classes VII-X cheered the participating junior students as each student was competing for one’s house. The Sports Day ended with a tug-of-war between the teachers and the fathers of the students.

— Mona Maharjan,

Future Stars’ High School

Sporty carnival

KATHMANDU: South Point Boarding High School organised its Sports Carnival 2007 on November 2. This was a five-day event which had its grand finale on this day. Every possible game was incorporated be it basketball, football, table-tennis, chess or cricket. Moreover, games like musical chair, sack race, wheel barrow et cetera were also included for the primary and pre-primary students. The final event was the most awaited — the mini-marathon of 4.2 km. These five days gave the students a break from the hectic study schedule.

— Sudhir Shrestha,

Class IX, South Point Boarding High School