A beginning

Triyog High School reopened on April 21 for a new session. The session started with the Investiture Ceremony. Captains and Vice Captains of different houses were appointed and were officially given their titles. Merit Certificates were given to those students securing the first, second and third positions from Classes K.G.- IX in the academic year 2004-2005 in the same function.

New Year with children

The first year students of National College for Development Studies celebrated the New Year with the street children and those put up in an orphanage. On April 10, students handed over the money they had collected to the Rotary Club at Tripureswore. The money was given to the organisation to distribute sweets to 20 street children living in Bal Bhojan Girha, Teku on New Year.

The students organised a football match on April 16 for the children of Orphans and Helpless Children Association in Nepal and The New Youth Children. Lunch and a cultural programme followed the match.

— Krishma Sharma, National College

Pets’ day out

Rupy’s International School celebrated Pets Day on April 25. ‘Furry and prickly friends’ served as an innovative way of educating children about different animals, their eating habits, their breed, how they should be taken care of and what they look like and at the same time they learn to love and respect these creatures. Altogether 80 pets took part in the programme.